Hey everyone!

We have created this blog so we can keep people up to date on PHP School. We will use the blog in conjunction with Twitter & Slack to post announcements. We also plan on writing up events, publishing workshops and various other bits of community news.


We have a couple of new workshops planned that we want to build. We have an absolute basics workshop in the early stages of production, basics to the point of describing how to use variables. This type of workshop is really important to us as we want PHP School to be available and useful to everyone with a focus on beginners.

We also have a few ideas for other workshops we want to build, focusing around the tools Composer & Couch DB. Other topics we want to cover in the future are Queues, Frameworks, PSR's and various other popular libraries.

If you have an idea and want to build your own workshop, check out the tutorial!


Check out the events page for upcoming and previous events. If you are hosting an event using a PHP School workshop, get in touch with us to get it featured on the site!

What's next?

We've been working on the site, documentation and the workshop manager (for installing & managing workshops) for the last couple of months. Now our focus is going to shift to building out the workshop library.

Getting Involved

If you want to get involved, send us a tweet or jump on to slack. We're looking for people to build workshops, host & organise meetups or to just hang around and maybe help some students out with any problems they might have working through the workshops!