What is PHP School?

Welcome to PHP School! A dedicated community based learning platform that will teach you the core skills in PHP. The concept behind PHP School is simple, workshops are run from the command line, somewhere every developer should be familiar with. Each workshop covers a different topic, some beginner, some advanced. You're not restricted to a schedule, you go at your own pace with no pressure.

Getting Started

In order to get started with PHP School workshops, you first need to install the workshop manager. The workshop manager is a tool to search, install and remove PHP School workshops. Open up a terminal and enter the commands listed below, they will download the workshop manager and make it available to your computer.

The final command will verify your installation and will give you tips in how to resolve any issues.

Windows users need to do a few more annoying things first.

curl -O https://php-school.github.io/workshop-manager/workshop-manager.phar

mv workshop-manager.phar /usr/local/bin/workshop-manager

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/workshop-manager

workshop-manager verify

Run workshop-manager list to see the available commands and visit the GitHub Repository for the workshop manager to learn more.

The most important command is workshop-manager install <workshopname>. You may also find workshop-manager search <topic> useful to find a workshop for a particular subject.

To the workshops!

Core Workshops

Workshops created by the PHP School team!

We've built an intricate framework specifically designed to make the creation of simple to advanced workshops pain free. It has a simple yet powerful verification system with code injection and language parsing to give workshop creators amazing flexibility in what they build.

Learn You PHP!

An introduction to PHP's core features: i/o, http, arrays, exceptions and so on.

workshop-manager install learnyouphp


PHP Basics

Mastering the basic concepts of PHP

Coming soon

Community workshops

At the core, PHP School is a workshop framework which allows you to run a set of exercises. It has been designed in a way that you can easily build your own workshops, focusing on any subject you please.

Visit the documentation to learn how to build your own Workshop.

Check out this page to submit your workshop so it appears here and can be installable with the workshop manager!

Callable functions

Learn callable functions with arrays

workshop-manager install callablefunctions


Made by: Nastasia Saby

PHP7 way

To play with PHP7

workshop-manager install php7way


Made by: Nastasia Saby

Contact us to get your workshop listed here!

Made by: The PHP community

Need help?

If you need help or want to contribute to PHP School, you can chat on Slack, create issues and send PR's on GitHub. We also have a Twitter account where we will push out news and information!

If you have any issues with any of the workshops or just general getting started questions, you can create an issue here and someone will get back to you whenever it is possible. Feel free to also jump on and help other people with their issues. This type of project works best when everyone gets involved.

Our team

We are a couple of friends working in our spare time to improve the quality of PHP learning resources. We want to empower you to build, whether it be a hobbyist project or a tool to help educate the world. Neither skill nor age should be a barrier to learning, the PHP School team are committed to helping train the next generation of coders who will go on to change the world!

Our inspiration

As developers who regularly use and advocate open source software, we have always loved the spirit of giving back. We work in a truly unique industry which is held together by people providing for free.

Thank you NodeSchool for inspiring us to create PHP School, if Node & JavaScript is your thing, we recommend you check them out. When we saw what the NodeSchool community had achieved together, we knew we had to bring it over to the PHP world.